The pastel shades are not lacking, the greens also take center stage and the detail of a nail of a different color to the rest is the trendy badge. Three experts advanced the trends to show a perfect manicurist and pedicure. Recommendations for the sun season

A good manicure and pedicure always make a difference and are part of daily personal care. It is a symbol of prolixity and correct presentation towards the other. To do this, keeping the fingernails and toenails short is essential for care and beauty.

Like any new season, the colors are renewed and beauty salons specializing in nails and feet present the new trends, technologies, and care to wear a new color of enamel during the summer of 2019.

Violets, pinks, yellows, cakes and different green tones are the colors that predominate in the summer palette. Three nail experts were consulted, and both agreed that the best enamel for summer is the semi-permanent, which lasts approximately 20 days.

From the beauty salon City Nails & Spa, they said: “The color par excellence for this spring-summer 2018/2019 is the ‘ultraviolet’, a purple tone that evokes originality and ingenuity.” However, they also warned that “fuchsia shades are inspired by dreamy, romantic spirits reaching a baby pink that reflects sophistication, serenity, and elegance.”

But not only violets and roses belong to the color palette of summer 2019. The yellows are also the protagonists of this season. “Beyond any fashion or trend, the idea is to wear on the nails a color that makes us happy, yellow in all its shades is one of my chosen”, detailed Paz Lof, manicure and owner of Nailers. And from City Nails they added: “The yellow color on the nails will highlight the look, making it deeper and brighter”.

The pastel shades are not only protagonists in clothing, for the nails of the hands and feet are also. Roses, celestial, lilac, aquamarine and nude are those that are present in the color palette of next summer.

“Mint green is another key that cannot be absent: it sticks with great force to combine it with French style – french style – or with nail art in golden, violet and floral tones,” they added from City Nails.

Before glazing, you should file, remove cuticles and put on the nail a transparent base to protect and not stain (Getty Images)

For those who want to leave the traditional enamel, there are decorations or stencil to achieve nail art. Stripes, flowers, and brightness are three trends that always come back in the summer. “The technique we do on nail art is to enamel the nails generating gradient transparencies with glitter flashes that intensify at the tip. It is the most chosen combination because it disguises growth and reflects extreme brightness, ideal for vacations,” Paz Lof explained…

Mónica Casabene, of the UMARA expert salon in nails, added that the effective method to do it is also by freehand and the most requested designs by the Argentines are simple and geometric designs added to the stamping, stress, in one or two nails, as well as highlighting one nail of each hand with enamels with glitter or litmus.

Another trend that was seen last winter was distinctive of a nail of another color; According to the three experts consulted, it also continues for this summer. “The idea is that the clients have fun with new combinations week by week.” It is not new that the nails have become an accessory, glazing a different color nail is a fine and simple detail that has been enshrined as in the new classic “, opined Lof.

And then, when going to the salon expert nail, what is the best type of polish to choose and lasting a couple of weeks? “The idea is to use a semi-permanent enamel or acrylic, there are some that with UV technologies can last up to 20 days,” said Monica Casabene.

Another type of enamel – besides the traditional one – can be the cold gel, which has a prolonged duration, unlike the common one. “As a tip, I can say that it is best to apply a polish or top coat every two days to protect it and last longer. To wash, put on gloves like this, the enamel and the skin of the hands are taken care of”, added Lof.

The semi-permanent enameling also fulfills the function of prolonging the duration and giving a brilliant effect. It dries at the moment and there is no risk of running or jumping. To remove it, the professional method is mandatory because it can damage the nail. In many salons, this method is done in cabins, while in others, with the advancement of the composition of the nail varnish, the cabin lamp is not necessary.

Violet is the color that predominates in all beauty salons being chosen for the summer season 2019

For the feet, most choose the French style, but may also combine the enamel of the hands with that of the feet. What is the importance of having a well-executed pedicure? “It avoids having calluses, hardness, cracked heels, which makes our feet look careless, having a good cut of nails prevents ingrown toenails, which causes a lot of pain, keeping the cuticles healthy, embossing them with a good remover and moisturizing them with creams. or oils, “recommended Gabriela Codiglia, nail expert at Sally Hansen Argentina.

What yes and what not when choosing the enamels? As a first step, you have to choose a suitable base for the type of nail, which protects against stains and helps the colored enamel to adhere better. And after the two layers of color always put a protective layer that protects the color for a long-lasting manicure.

“No to enamels that are not free of toluene (helps a smooth finish and gives durability to enamels, when inhaled can cause nausea), formaldehyde (used as a product hardener; when applied to the nail can cause respiratory problems ) and DBP (industrial chemical that is used as a hardener and plasticizer in enamels, can cause asthma and allergies.) The nail polish remover is also important since it should not leave the nails and skin whitish, “concluded Codiglia.