As every year, the catwalks dictate what is going to take on the streets of half the world. And as women do not only live in fashion, the beauty universe acquires a vital importance in every fashion show. Hence, special attention is paid to every detail in makeup, hair or lips. Keep up with the new trends for this season and dare to risk.

  • Pixie flush

The hairstyle or haircut of the season has name surnames. Extreme Pixie. If you do not know what we are referring to, very simple, it is the super short pixie. Katy Perry already said yes, what are you waiting to put the scissors?

  • Extra eyelashes

The infinity of your lashes has no measures. This 2018 look extends to places to discover. More feminine and … Up the tab!

  • Geometry for your nails

The psychedelia of geometric figures has become stronger than ever for this 2018. Now you only need to be as creative as possible and play with the number of sides. Triangles, squares, pentagons … Everything goes.

  • White I love you white

The black stripe has died, the white is its successor. Only suitable for daring until Gigi Hadid rose up as his faithful defender. Now it is the must have that will be exhausted by magic.

  • Crystal everywhere!

Undoubtedly, the crystals and jewel effects applied to makeup will be the icing on the cake in this year’s total looks. Jeremy Scott adorned the eyes of their models, a safe bet.

  • Kiss in orange

Orange is the new black? Yes, and with capital letters. The orange takes center stage now that the rays of sun reappear but this time on the lips. Feel the warmth of your face accentuates and everything becomes tropical. Combine this color tone with a tan and put the world on your head!

  • Everything was back

There are always reminiscences of past eras, even in the capillary world. This summer, if you do not want to cut your losses and want to see how your shiny hair is prolonged, the two-tone “wet effect” style is the solution. Its protagonists: gel and foam. Word of Ferragamo.