Unless you’re an expert looking for deals or have a lot of money, renewing your wardrobe regularly can be expensive. That’s why we give you some tips to update, renew and fix the clothes. Keep reading and know more.

Do you get bored of the same clothes always?

Most of us get bored of always wearing the same clothes. We do not like to have to always wear the same clothes. This is the main reason why women spend money in stores.

We are always looking to improve our look and keep up with the latest trends. But, season after season we ended up spending a lot of money. In addition, seasonal changes also imply the need to have more pieces in the closet.

The reality is that it is easy to update and renew your old clothes . You just need to follow some of these tips and tricks that we will give you today. In addition, it is very important to have certain skills for crafts, imagination and perhaps see some ideas on the Internet.

Tips to update, renew and fix clothes

Follow these recommendations to make some improvements to your clothes and save money .

Quick fixes for your clothes

  • The sleeves of the jerseys tend to widen. To solve this, turn it inside out, using a blunt needle or a crochet hook, take the last thread, pull the hook to the back of the fabric. With a needle or fingers gently pull both sides of the thread until it is well distributed.
  • Small hollows in the jeans: carefully take the same color thread between the two sides of the hole and connect them.
  • Place the tip of your finger on the new cooked piece to flatten that part.
  • Water spots on the leather: spray on a mixture of cold water and vinegar and rub gently.
  • To keep the buttons well placed on your shirts, apply transparent nail polish on the button holes. This will block the seams and prevent them from coming out.
  • If the wire of the bra cup comes off, fix it quickly with moleskin tape or with an adhesive band.
  • The zipper of pants and jackets can easily get stuck. To solve this, take a graphite pencil and pass it through the teeth to “grease” them.
  • In the pants with drawstring at the waist, it may happen that this rope is going inward or that it comes out fully. Solve it by attaching a safety pin to one of the corners of the cord and tuck it into the waist of the pants, go moving it until it comes out the other end.

More solutions for small problems with your clothes

The hem of the fallen fada? It is not a problem, if you do not have a needle and threads at hand you can use clear adhesive tape to solve fast. You can cut a piece the size you need and place it between the two fabrics, then pass the iron and you’re done.

We all love to buy dark jeans, they are the most versatile, they serve for formal outings and also for wearing with a shirt. But, these little by little they are losing their original color, to avoid passing add ½ cup of distilled vinegar in the last washing cycle.

If you want to keep the pantyhose in good condition for longer, apply clear nail polish on the parts you see most out of date. You can also use hairspray, it has the same utility.

Cut the clothes

We all know that one solution for old and worn out jeans is to cut them. So you can turn them into other pieces like shorts or shorts. But, it is also an option for dresses, for example, a maxi dress can become a mini.

Likewise, an old shirt can turn it into a crop top. Or a shirt with button sleeves can be a sleeveless blouse for summer.

Do this if you are good with scissors and needles. This way you can save a lot of money and convert old parts into new ones.

Add details

Adding details can help you renew an old part. You can add ties, buttons, brightness and more, the options are endless. You can transform a pair of old shoes with some brightness or ties.

To an old simple shirt, you can add flowers, a logo or any printed element. Another option is to cut a figure on the back of the shirt and add another fabric, you can be a letter, a flower, whatever you want.

Unicolour shorts can be converted into stitches with a special fabric paint. It is very simple. It is also a good idea to add patches on the elbows of shirts, jackets and long-sleeved shirts, it’s easy and you’ll shine an old piece.

All you need will be a needle, paste, the details you want to add and some imagination.

Dye clothes

Dyeing an old piece is a good way to create a new piece. This is especially effective for clothes that have been stained or worn over time and that you like a lot.

dye clothes

Buy a dye in the store and carefully follow the instructions they bring. It is a good way to save your old or damaged clothes. You can dye the whole piece or a part of it and it will look much better and you will not have to buy new clothes.

Update and renew your shoes with these recommendations

The shoes suffer small damages in the day to day that you can solve with these tips.

  • Remove scratches on shoes, apply petroleum jelly with a cotton swab to remove those marks from leather shoes. If they are suede, use an eraser to remove those scratches.
  • If your suede shoe is dirty, carefully rub breadcrumbs over the dirt. For cloth, shoes apply a mixture of baking soda and detergent with a toothbrush and rub it.
  • If your shoes are tight and you plan to give them away for that, do not do it! Follow these tips: put on some thick socks and put on your shoes, then air it with a blow dryer; Another option is to place a bag of water at home shoe and put them in the freezer all night.
  • To clean the patent leather what you can do is apply a glass cleaner and rub gently. This will eliminate stains and restore the shine.

Change the shape of the clothes and renew it

You can take an old scarf and turn it into a loose, cool and comfortable blouse for the summer. Another option is to cut your old leggings by the crotch and you’ll have a crop top. On the contrary, you can take an old dress and cut it to be a vintage scarf.

Cut a maxi skirt to make a colorful summer dress. You can also cut a straight line on the back of an old shirt or sweater, then add Velcro on the neck and so you adapt to the trend of the bareback.

remove clothing stains

Cut the sleeves of a shirt, then take a strip of the fabric and go wrapping the back. So you’ll have a perfect sleeveless shirt to go to the gym.

Wear a dress shirt and put it on so that it looks like a sleeveless shirt. Then tie it to the waist like a crop top and go. You have a new style for that boring old shirt.

You can add a necklace to your shirts and they will look great and renewed. Another option is to add belts so that your dresses, cardigans, long shirts look much better.

How to remove stains from your clothes

It may be that by stains or minor damage you think you have to get rid of your clothes. But, if you follow these recommendations to eliminate the most common spots you will not have that problem:

  • Lip painting: remove excess paint with a knife, apply a few drops of acetone or an alcoholic beverage, rub with a soft brush, rinse with alcohol. Repeat until the stain is eliminated and let it dry. Finally, apply a mixture of diluted dishwashers and lavender in the washing machine.
  • Blood or eggs: Spray a diluted mixture of dishwasher soap and let it dry. Then rinse with warm water. Complete washing regularly in the washing machine.
  • Red wine: apply the same dishwashing mixture as mentioned above, rub with a soft brush. Rinse with water. You can also apply white vinegar, leave it for several minutes and rinse. Then wash the garment in the washing machine. For white wine use dishwasher and wash.
  • Fruit or vegetables: apply the formula with dishwasher in the stain. Remove the color with white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Then take the piece to the washing machine.
  • Coffee or tea: apply lemon juice or white vinegar to remove the stain. Treat with bleach if necessary and the fabric allows it. Finish the washing machine.
  • Mustard: remove the stain with vinegar. Wash with the dishwasher mix.
  • Grease or oil: cover the stain with baby powder, let it rest all night.
  • Tomato sauce or ketchup: remove the rest of the sauce, then apply the diluted soap and take the piece to the washing machine.

With these tips to update, renew and fix the clothes you can take your pieces for longer. Follow these recommendations and dress always in fashion. What other ways do you know about reusing clothes? Tell us