What is the navy style?

To make a clear definition of what this style is, it is necessary to go back to history. Its origins date back to the mid-nineteenth century, with the coronation of Queen Victoria of England. Thus beginning the Victorian era.

Many experts claim that during the Victorian era the British Navy was founded (Royal Navy). The uniforms that distinguished the sailors, with some variations, of course, is what we know today as a navy style. So we can say that this shipping look, used by many people, has many years within society.

Although this trend became popular between 1930 and 1950, it was not until the 70s when most people, including haute couture designers, were encouraged to create pieces inspired by this style.

Nowadays, most fashion houses consider this type of dress a classic style. And that is why year after year they create collections inspired by this trend.

Being a very simple and fresh style lends itself to many confections of different types. It is necessary to note that there is a very thin line between the classic and the modern. And it is necessary to know how to identify which pieces correspond to each current and its uses.

Taking all these data into account, we can define the navy style as a trend that dates back to the middle of the 19th century. In which the colors and the way of wearing the nautical clothes stand out. Inspired always in the Royal Navy.

How to wear the navy style

The sailor look is easy to put together, with some basics you can get the right style for you. Next, we show you how you can combine the different garments to achieve a navy outfit. Continue reading and learn more about this trend.

Navy style basics

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There are some basic garments that are characteristic of the navy look. Some work for both men and women. In general, clothing in this style is comfortable and light. However, parts have been adapted to accompany people during the colder months.

  • Jersey and striped shirt.
  • T-shirt with baker’s collar
  • Linen pants.
  • Bermuda shorts and white shorts.
  • Navy blue cardigan.
  • Sailor blazer.
  • Sneakers.
  • Denim espadrilles.
  • Sailor’s beret.
  • Hats

As for the most popular colors in this type of styles, we can highlight the use of red, navy blue or white as main colors.

There are different ways to combine. From the simplest as Bermuda shorts and T-shirt to linen pants with a sweater.

Navy style for men

To combine navy style in men is not necessary much imagination or creativity. The simplicity of this style speaks for itself. You only have to consider the colors to use and the way to make a contrast between the garments. Both the most striking and the most neutral.

If you want to feel comfortable and cool all day, you can wear white shorts. Considering that the cut of this type of garments must be above the knee.

For the top, a striped shirt will make you look good and always in line with the style. The accessories or accessories must be of the same class. A good hat, espadrilles or sneakers will complete the outfit.

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However, if you want to look a little more serious or dress for special occasions but retaining the freshness of this style, you must take into account certain details. The place or time of the outing or event you will attend, for example. For the night, in places where the dress code is demanding, you can wear light-colored linen pants.

In the upper part, a man’s shirt with a baker’s collar will give you that subtlety while maintaining simplicity. Although in many cases it can be accompanied with another garment like a sweater. T-shirts will always be the best option for this look.

To complement this style, the running shoes are the best option. They provide the necessary comfort while making you look good. They are a very important element of the navy style and you should take it into consideration.

Navy style for women

For women, there are many ways to combine the garments characteristic of this style. The variety in women’s clothing is undoubtedly a great advantage. To have an ideal look for summer, analyze the time and place where you will wear your clothes.

If you go for a walk or simply to a place where the dress code is not a priority, you can play with the combinations. The use of skirts and shorts is quite common and you should not leave them aside.

A good way to combine is to wear a skirt or shorts, along with a striped shirt and a blazer. The skirt Only Laura blue is a good example of the clothes you can buy. These three simple pieces will make you look great and catch many looks.

Use accessories and accessories such as denim sandals with a hat. Another option is to use scarves with bright colors to highlight the style. Everything will depend on the tonalities you are using in your outfit.

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To look a bit more formal, but retaining the simplicity that characterizes the navy style, you can wear short dresses with few details. The colors have to be sober, the white and the navy blue go very well. A blazer as a compliment is one of the best options. For footwear, you must take into account the place where you will wear your clothes.

If you go to a place where the rules to dress are a little stricter you can use some simple heels. It’s all a matter of doing a little analysis before choosing clothes for special occasions.

To go to the beach or to enjoy the sun, it is best to wear bikinis. Always looking to combine the basic colors that identify this look. Navy style is one of the trends you’ll want to wear this summer.

Benefits of using navy style

Using the navy style has many advantages from different points of view. In which we can highlight the economic part of the comfort that this outfit offers. It is not necessary to do a very extensive investigation to know the benefits. Here we will name you some so that you can have a clearer notion:

  • It provides comfort. The navy style is characterized by being simple and light. That is why the comfort of the garments of this outfit is one of its main advantages. No matter what occasion you use it, this look is always identified with the basic garments and colors.
  • Save money. When you buy a navy style garment you will be saving money. This if you compare it with another type of more complex clothing like casual dresses or elegant clothes. Although the fashion houses always seek to give the touch of glamor to this type of garments, its simplicity does not allow to make so many modifications. This is summarized in low manufacturing costs and therefore low prices for the garments in the market.
  • It looks good. The navy style can be adapted to anyone regardless of age or sex. This is a point in favor with respect to other more contemporary styles. Although there are many variants in the market, all garments can be worn by most people.
  • Gets old. As we said, this style dates back to the 19th century and is still popular today. This means that even if the years go by, the trend will continue and the garments will not go out of style. This is easy to verify, it is only a matter of comparing a nautical shirt of the 60s and a current one. No matter how hard you try to find significant differences, there are few that you will find.

In summary

Colors and stripes are the characteristic elements of this style. You should avoid using strong or striking tones that do not go with the trend. It is important to emphasize that shoes should not be the most outstanding part of the outfit. On the contrary, the simpler the better. This will go unnoticed by letting the eyes focus on the top.

There are many variants, both for men and for women. You just have to pay attention to the garments that highlight your figure or that look good on your body. It is vitally important that this type of style is not improvised.