It’s time to give a different touch to your look, with diadems and scarves for hair will get an irresistible style.

We show you how to wear diadems and scarves in your hair with style, a small detail that changes everything. In the latest fashion catwalks, hair accessories represented the freshest part of the looks of the season. Different fashion companies have opted to introduce headbands, bands, and handkerchiefs in their fashion collections. There is a wide variety of styles: multicolored scarves, crochet bands, knot or jewel diadems … The hair accessories (according to their style and shape) are perfect for every day or for a special occasion, they will also give your final styling a different and unique touch.

How to show headbands and handkerchiefs

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There are a lot of accessories that help you complete your look: bags, jewelry, shoes, etc. It is also important to coordinate hair accessories with your outfit. For the new season, there are many interesting proposals to give a different look to your hairstyle.

Turbans, for example, are a very fashionable and chic accessory. Firms such as Missoni Mare introduce it in their new collection with multicolored and knitted models; Zara bets on turbans with abstract drawings and bright colors. They are perfect pieces for an informal look, but if you go to a party choose a model with glitter or with a different ornament, such as a brooch or a pen.

There are hairstyles that require a specific type of accessory. The most festive, collected or semi-combed hairstyles can be decorated with a beautiful jewel headband. Dolce & Gabbana creates wide diadems, adorned with gold metal inserts, large crystals, and flowers. The baroque style typical of the brand is seen even in its hair accessories. There are also diadems embellished with flowers and fruits.

In Givenchy also bet on creating a headband with large metallic applications, but with a more modern style. While in Gucci they prefer to create much more romantic accessories in pastel colors, for example, a floral headband that is tied at the back of the neck and leaves the loose ribbons behind.

Headbands and handkerchiefs are fashionable

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The handkerchiefs or scarves are a very cool accessory to wear in summer. Here are 10 alternative ways to wear silk scarves in style. You can wear them as a turban, as a headband, tied with a knot at the top … There are many possibilities, that does choose scarves with lots of colors and cheerful prints.

In Asos, we find excellent proposals, both handkerchiefs, and different accessories for hair. The pastel colors and the romantic style are the main protagonists. If you want to show off more discreet accessories, try to make a low ponytail and tie some ribbons around as they propose from Dior.

Take a look at our photo gallery to see the most interesting models and to discover how to get the most out of the fashion accessory from the street style hand.