Do you want to know how to cover tattoos with makeup? Next, you have the step by step.

Have you ever wondered how to cover tattoos with makeup? We suggest some tips hide your tattoos with makeup in view of a time when you do not want or can not wear them. Tattoos are usually a very personal element and as a rule, there is no need to cover them, but if you ever see yourself in that position there are some tricks so you can cover your tattoos with makeup.

Cover the tattoos

Tattoos are a very personal choice. The tattoos are there because we have decided, but sometimes we can repent or simply have the need to cover them. If you want to permanently remove the tattoo, you should use the laser, or make a new design on top of the old tattoo.

There are false myths that surround the world of tattoos, but what is certain is that before performing any tattoo you should think it through. If you need to cover your tattoo temporarily we advise you to use makeup. Next, we tell you the different techniques and step by step.

How to cover tattoos with makeup

Covering tattoos with makeup is not as complicated as it seems, it just takes a little technique, follow the right steps and use the right products. Next, you have the step by step to cover a tattoo with makeup.

1. Clean the area

First, you should clean the tattoo area with a mild tonic, micellar water or water, and a neutral soap. You must let the area dry well.

2. Apply a concealer

Next, apply a concealer on the tattoo and blur it with a makeup sponge. Remember that you should never cover a freshly made tattoo with makeup.

3. Makeup base to cover the tattoo

This step is the most important procedure: the application of makeup. Some people opt for a spray or spray makeup, but we recommend you to bet on a liquid makeup base since you are more likely to have that type of product at home. Apply the base on the tattoo with a brush, fingers or a sponge (as it is easier for you). Blend well to cover the tattoo. The makeup should melt with the tone of your skin.

4. Makeup bases to cover tattoos

It is very important to choose the right makeup base to cover a tattoo. There are many types of bases to choose from, but to cover a tattoo you must use a base with spray or a liquid base, but they should always have a high or very high coverage.

You can also use corporal bases or theater makeup since they usually have a very high coverage. Another option is to bet on the bases of makeup created especially to cover tattoos. There are different signatures and bases indicated for this as Dermacol Make-Up Cover, the makeup pack of the Tattoo Camo firm, Total Body 16h of Dermablend de Vichy and the high coverage bases of Covermark.

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5. Apply translucent powders

Use a translucent powder to seal the makeup on the tattoo and give a matte finish to the skin. Apply the powder with a brush indicated for it. And you already have your tattoo covered!

6. Recommendations

Some people add some hairspray to the covered tattoo. The lacquer makes the cover settle and prevents the makeup from erasing. In addition, it makes the makeup dry faster. If you do not dare to use hairspray you can replace it with a makeup fixative spray. Another option to cover the tattoo is to do it with an airbrush bronzer, but the tattoo should be small and in light tones. You can use a homemade spray or go to your beauty center.

Finally, remember to remove the makeup that covers the tattoo with a biphasic cleanser or with a cleansing oil. These products drag and eliminate better the high coverage makeup. Some people add a moisturizer to nourish and calm the area.