The passage of time makes the skin and body age, but also the hair. Discover how the hair changes with age.

With the passage of time, skin and body age, but also hair. These changes are usually subject to many individual factors, but as a rule, it depends on the genes of each person, their lifestyle and the hair care that has been done over the years. The most visible changes in the hair as it gets older are the color, thickness, and strength of the hair. This process is inevitable, but it will always be good to know how the hair changes with age.

The changes that occur in the hair with age

There are physiological processes that are inevitable with the passage of time and age. Exactly as it happens with the skin, hair undergoes gradual changes over time… In any case, each person is a world and there are some that age before and others later depending on several factors such as genes or lifestyle. Below, we tell you what are the most obvious changes that occur in the hair with age.

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Changes in hair color

One of the most obvious changes that occur with age is the change of color and the appearance of gray hair. The hair color is due to a pigment called melanin and that produce the hair follicles. Over the years, the hair follicles produce less melanin and that causes the hair to turn white or the first gray hairs appear. Gray hair usually appears after 30 years of age and the hair begins to gray in the temples and is spread on the top of the scalp.

If you want more information about the first gray hairs, here we tell you the things you should not do when they appear. Over the years the hair becomes increasingly clear and finally white or gray. Body and facial hair also turn gray, but it usually takes longer than the scalp. It is inevitable that the hair becomes white or gray, the most effective solution is to tint it or leave the hair as it is.

Changes in hair thickness

Another change that can be seen with age is the thickness of the hair. The hair has a life that lasts between 2 and 6 years during which it reaches a normal thickness. This hair falls and is replaced by a new one. Over the years, the natural tendency is that the hair is losing thickness. The amount of hair on the body and head is determined by the genes. With age, all people experience some hair loss and see how hair growth decreases.

The hair fibers become smaller, thinner and have less pigment. Therefore, the hair, over time, becomes thinner, thinner and lighter in color. In addition, many hair follicles stop creating new hair.

Hair loss

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Over the years, women can develop female baldness (although sometimes hair loss has nothing to do with age). The hair becomes less dense and the hair follicles are not replaced so easily. I recommend you check with your doctor if you see that you lose a lot of hair. In addition, here you have the best hairstyles to disguise female baldness.

Changes in texture and volume

When losing the thick hair it also loses volume and body. The loss of proteins not only affects the color of the hair but also its robustness. The decrease in keratin protein levels makes the hair weaker and less elastic, which means a greater ease of breakage when combing. Even the texture of the hair changes with age. The hair can become smoother or more curly. Even a curly hair can become smooth and a wavy straight hair. In addition, gray hair is usually rougher to the touch than those with melanin.

Opacity and dryness in the hair

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Unfortunately, hair aging also brings opacity and dryness. The hair may look or be drier and dull, this is a consequence of thinning and thinning hair. So that the hair is not so dry and with lack of shine, I advise you to avoid heat tools such as the dryer and the iron. It is also essential to use moisturizing hair products.

Now that you know how age affects hair, I recommend you take a look at haircuts by age. A good haircut can help you disguise hair aging. You may also be interested: Gray hair: How to wear hair with gray hair and Top products to prevent hair loss.