Home beauty remedies can help you improve your appearance, without damaging your body or the environment as they are produced with natural elements. We tell you here how you can take advantage of what nature gives us for your beauty.

Nature puts at our disposal all the ingredients we need to be beautiful. Here you will find many homemade beauty remedies explained step by step, transmitted from generation to generation, that can help you improve the less strong points for yourself. Thus, you will feel more secure and above all, you will get to see yourself well without spending a lot of money since you will only use natural elements.

Look at the list of beauty tutorials that we present here and put into practice those that serve you.

Tutorials of beauty home remedies

The famous DIY (do it yourself = do it yourself) is in fashion and we know why: because we love making our own beautiful home remedies. We love knowing how with a few natural ingredients, we can create moisturizers, masks, shampoo, serum, soaps, tonics and much more. Besides being very funny

DIY for face

DIY for your face

  • Tea tree oil mask: The oil of the tea tree is a powerful natural antiseptic that can have many uses; One of the most recommended is the tea tree facial mask. In this post we give you the detailed recipe for you to do at home, you will see that it is very easy and that really is super effective to combat the classic problems of oily skin and have a tendency to develop acne or pimples difficult to remove.
  • Attenuate freckles and sun spots: Sunbathing without protection can be a danger, not only aesthetically but also for health. Sometimes, when we do not protect ourselves well from the sun, we get freckles and spots that can be unsightly. For this, nature is our best ally and here we explain why. We give you the recipe so you can attenuate those spots caused by the sun easily and without spending a lot of money.
  • Home moisturizing cream: Every month the same thing: going to buy the moisturizing cream becomes an obligation that we can not avoid fulfilling because it is at the base of personal care. However, believe it or not, all the money you spend on creams can save you if you know how and where we explain exactly how.
  • Homemade pumpkin mask: Pumpkins are not just to feed us or to decorate the house on Halloween. Actually, they have excellent properties when applied directly to the skin. We explain how you can make a homemade pumpkin mask quickly and without having to be an expert in natural cosmetics.
  • Homemade Vitamin C Serum: The magic of vitamin C in your skin comes from the ascorbic acid that increases the synthesis of collagen, which keeps you bright and fights the signs of aging effectively. To create your own vitamin C serum, you do not need to have any knowledge of chemistry or anything special. We tell you here how to make the homemade serum and how to apply it later.
  • Homemade lip scrub: The lips are usually dry, especially in winter and this generates the release of the famous “skin” or peeling skin, something that is also common in pregnant women. To prevent this from happening, we show you how to make your homemade lip scrub, in the quickest and easiest way to preserve it.
  • How to make a tonic for oily skin: oily skin can give many problems, such as pimples, pimples, difficulty in summer and make-up that runs, etc. Those who suffer from oily skin know that the tonic is a basic that fixes our lives a lot and here we show you how to make a perfect homemade tonic for oily skin.

Homemade makeup: Best DIY recipes

Natural makeup

  • Homemade translucent powder: In summer, to avoid having too shiny skin, or simply if your skin has a tendency to be greasy and shine more than you would like, translucent powders help a lot. Now, if you want to use natural and chemical free products, take note of this recipe of homemade translucent powders. Easy peasy!
  • Home Eyeliner: Do you believe us if we tell you that with only two ingredients that you already have at home you can create a homemade gel eyeliner that works very well? We explain everything here, it’s simpler than you imagine.
  • Natural make-up remover: The makeup removers we buy in stores have chemical elements that can be harmful to our skin and … especially for those who use makeup almost daily, this is not good news. That’s why we tell you here how you can make a natural makeup remover that you can use every day without any fear. See the detailed recipe here.

DIY for your body

  • Homemade glycerin soap: People who have sensitive skin tend to always look for less irritating soaps for the skin. Glycerin soap is usually the most requested for this reason, in fact, there are people who use it even for genital cleansing. The problem is that sometimes, these soaps are a bit expensive. Here we show you how to prepare your own glycerin soap at home, in the easiest and cheapest way.
  • Body moisturizer pill tutorial: There are not soaps, but neither are creams. They are pills that serve to nourish and regenerate the skin naturally. To make it you only need some oils and beeswax, which will help keep the skin of your entire body healthy and young. Here we explain step by step how to make the body moisturizer.
  • Homebody scrub: Exfoliating our skin from time to time is a must. Every day we are in contact with thousands of bacteria and even more if we live in the city, where pollution damages us inside and out. Luckily, in nature, it is easy to find the necessary ingredients to create a homemade body scrub. Here we show you how to do it in some simple steps.
  • How to make rose water: Rose water is a natural tonic that delays the appearance of wrinkles, so we recommend you try it. Doing it at home is very simple, in fact, you will only need rose petals and distilled water to achieve it and its aroma will last for a long time. Take note of the complete recipe that we explain here in detail.

DIY for your hair

natural remedies for hair

  • Homemade shampoo: Each mane has its own needs. To help you have a Pantene hair without having to buy Pantene shampoo (or any other brand) we recommend you read this post, where we show you how to make homemade shampoo.