Nail Art Trends 2018: The best [PHOTOS]

Here you have the best trends in nail art for this year 2018. The simplest and minimal style nail art triumphs.

In recent years has taken a nail art quite exaggerated and striking, but this 2018 we are in luck that we prefer a more discreet nail art. For the new season, there are several trends that will make you fall in love. In addition, they are designs that you can surely do at home without much difficulty. At EllaHoy we have compiled the best nail art trends for 2018. Take note!

The best trends of Nail Art for 2018

As each season, new trends appear in the field of beauty. Today we will focus on the best nail art trends for 2018. The past few seasons have triumphed the decorated nails quite exaggerated and even extravagant, but this 2018 becomes the most minimalist and discreet nail art.

The nail art trends are created in the best fashion shows thanks to manicurists, fashion firms, makeup artists … Although, the best beauty bloggers or beauty instagramers also create a trend in the field of nail art. Next, you have the most cutting-edge nail art trends for 2018.

Nail Art Trends 2018: minimal nails

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The nail art trend of this 2018 is the minimalist style. The nails are decorated with simple designs and without many frills. The good thing about these nail art is that you almost must not use a product and with two enamels you can do real wonders. You can bet to make a geometric design, a simple point, a small drawing, a line … The premise of these nail art is: less is more.

Nail art trends: original French manicure

Another of the 2018 beauty trends in nail art is the original French manicure. For example a French manicure upside down, with metallic or striped tips in white. You can also combine different enamels to create a unique French manicure or replace the half moon with a triangle. The possibilities are many, so do not hesitate to experience everything you can.

Decorated nails 2018: nail art with applique, stickers …

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The decorated nails should always have a fantasy point. To achieve this fun and unique touch we advise you to use appliques, templates or stickers, that should be simple and in metallic tones. They take a lot of nail art with metallic stars. The nail goes in a clear or transparent shade and stickers or star-shaped appliques are applied on top. You can use the application you want and the result is divine.

Trends Nail Art 2018: golden nail art

One of the star tones to decorate your nails this 2018 is the golden color. Nail art with golden touches is perfect for any occasion. You can make a lot of designs with a gold metallic or gold glitter enamel, but the trendiest nail art is one that has a minimal design with golden lines or stripes. The enamel at the base of the nail can be light or dark, this will depend on your personal tastes.