Curling: Tricks and natural remedies for your hair

Curled hair is one of the most common hair problems. To combat frizz there are several tricks and natural remedies, we have selected the best ones for you.

Curled hair is one of the most common hair problems. Curled hair may have its origin in several factors. Curled hair lacks moisture, natural oils, it looks dry and rough. The frizz is increased if you live in a place with a humid climate or the use of heat (irons, dryers …) and dyes. Anyway, there are different tricks and natural remedies to fight the frizz of your hair.

Curling: Natural remedies

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There are many natural remedies to combat “frizz”. You just have to try different tricks to find the most suitable one for you:

The natural remedy based on chamomile:

  • In a cup of boiling water add a tablespoon of chamomile flowers and let stand for an hour or so.
  • Then add a quarter of a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.
  • Wash the hair with shampoo and then apply the cold infusion.

Aloe vera and coconut oil against frizz

Aloe vera and coconut oil are ideal natural products to combat frizz.

  • Extract the pulp of two aloe vera leaves and place in a bowl.
  • Mix the aloe with three tablespoons of coconut oil.
  • Apply to hair for 30 minutes, cover hair with a bathing cap or towel.
  • Then wash your hair with your usual products.

Natural remedy with apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has many cosmetic uses, one of them is to appease the frizziness of the hair.

  • In freshly washed hair apply apple cider vinegar with a large toothbrush.
  • Then rinse the hair with cold water.

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Tricks to avoid frizz

There are several tips and advice to get the frizz to stay at bay.

  • Use an anti-frizz mask after washing your hair.
  • Always choose natural and separate bristle combs, plastic ones electrify the hair.
  • To dry the hair and keep frizzy hair at bay, use a good amount of conditioner with coconut oil. Rinse the hair and brush the hair.
  • Make a tail of hair and hold the front with an elastic band (but do not tighten).
  • Let the hair air dry or use these dryer wipes to remove the frizz
  • Avoid the use of dryers, irons, and tongs at high temperatures, as they burn, dry and age the hair.
  • If you have no other remedy than to dry the hair use a thermal protector.
  • The dyes also produce frizz, so we recommend the use of natural dyes or the use of specific hair products for tinted hair.
  • Do not dry your hair with a towel, if you do it you should pass it gently through the hair, never rubbing hard. There are anti-frizz hair towels that are perfect for drying.

As you see keeping frizz at bay is possible thanks to these natural remedies and tricks, you can also get some of these anti-frizz treatments to be always perfect.

Beauty brands that are inclusive and love diversity

“There are beauty brands that are specialists in showing diversity. Inclusive and ready to become part of your essentials.”

Beauty is a concept that has varied over the centuries. There are some canons that have endured and are maintained. More and more brands and advertised campaigns appear to promote diversity and inclusiveness. Its function, in addition to achieving extraordinary products, is to create a social conscience. Beauty has no name and surname, it is a concept that varies and adapts to each type of woman. There is a long list of inclusive brands that are worth having on the wish list.

Beauty brands inclusive of makeup

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The Fenty Beauty line is promoted by Rihanna and is one of the most groundbreaking. The main reason is for their equal treatment between women and men. Beauty is not only a matter of women, men are also increasingly taking care of themselves, there is a long history of male makeup that corroborates it. Women of dark or white skin, more than 40 shades demonstrate the great variety of people included in this brand.

Milk Make Up

This specialized makeup brand with products with roll-on has some ads that are totally groundbreaking. Gender freedom is one of the great taboos that falls thanks to inclusive brands like this one. All kinds of people no matter what they are or what they want to have a place among a very large variety of products.

Wet N’Wild

Wet N’Wild is a brand of low-cost beauty that has become the first to have a protagonist in a makeup campaign an albino model. Diandra Forrest is in charge of showing her face and a type of unconventional beauty. In diversity is the success of these products.

Cover FX

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In the type of personalized makeup of the brand Cover FX is the basis of one of the large inclusive companies in the beauty sector. It has among its flagship products a nuancer to analyze its exact skin tone and find the perfect base. Demonstrating in this way diversity in something as personal as the skin.


Sahi has been one of the beauty brands pioneers in testing their products in all skin types. It has a wide range of makeups that change depending on your client. You can choose the one that best suits your skin type because in the world there are several tonalities.

Beauty brands that love diversity for your nails

Orly has gone a step further to incorporate diversity into their nail polish. This beauty brand has partnered with the Muslim Girl website to launch its latest nail collection, certified halal and perfect for water. It is the first time that a beauty product has been incorporated into a religious group.


All body types and have passed through the advertising campaigns of this brand. Glossier offers us a world of diversity, the measures 90-60-90 are not the only thing you see. In 2017 they launched their perfume and their new products for the beauty of a diverse and always beautiful body.

The diversity in hair

Beauty products for hair can also be inclusive. A range of specific products for curly and afro hair, not only to hydrate, one of the great stigmas of this hair but also for its integral care is the letter of presentation of this brand. The tips for a good curly hair care also happen to use the products of this brand.

Outfits with sneakers: Best ideas to copy

The shoes have become a must in any wardrobe. The looks with sneakers are ideal for everyday outfits, and the reality is that they can be worn to go to the office. The key is to choose well the clothes and shoes that you feel comfortable with. In EllaHoy we have compiled the best looks with sneakers so you can find multiple ideas to copy. These are very wearable outfits, fresh and modern so you can go pretty with your favorite shoes.

The best looks with sneakers

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The shoes are one of the shoes preferred by women. They are comfortable and very stylish footwear that fits well with almost any style. The looks with sneakers are a great resource for daily looks or to go to work. There are a lot of ideas to copy and inspire you.

This autumn/winter season triumphs in colored or white shoes. Even the most different models open with embroidery or details. Remember that shoes can replace almost any shoe, either heels or ballerinas. Next, you have some very interesting ideas for looks with sneakers, take note!

Look with sneakers and leather jacket

This look is ideal for autumn or spring. It’s a very modern and fresh outfit where the main characters are black/white Vans sneakers and a black leather biker. To achieve this look you just need to combine some broken jeans, a blouse with flowers and a perfect leather jacket in black. Top the look with a shoulder bag and trendy sunglasses. If you prefer you can bet on Vans colored shoes to give a touch more fun and different styling.

Look with white sneakers and camel coat

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White sneakers have become a must in any wardrobe. The good thing about these shoes is that they can combine with any look. We love to wear them with tight jeans, a masculine shirt (in white or striped print) and a camel coat with a masculine cut. Without a doubt, white sneakers are a must-have.

Look with 70s style Converse sneakers

Converse shoes are a basic and always fashionable model. This type of sneakers can be combined with any style, but for this season, he opts for a 70’s style look. Choose jeans or pants with a slightly bell-shaped hem, a turtleneck sweater, red Converse shoes (or other striking colors) and a soft fur coat with animal print. The final result is ideal.

Look with embroidered slippers and pichi cowboy

Singer Taylor Swift gives us a lesson in style to wear embroidered sneakers. This type of shoes can be worn with many clothes, for example with a pichi cowboy and a shirt underneath. In summer you can wear the pichi and the embroidered shoes as is, and in winter you can add a long-sleeved shirt and some stockings.

The embroidered shoes will always give your look a more romantic and feminine touch, they are also a total trend.

Hairstyles with cloth straps that are trend

Discover the best hairstyles with fabric straps to look this season and give a different touch to your look

The coleteros are a trend this season. In addition, they were very fashionable in the 80s and 90s; surely as a girl or teenagers, you used them. The fabric nets are reinvented and come with more fun designs, elegant and with unique details. To look stylish, you should bet on comfortable and fashionable hairstyles. Then, you have the best hairstyles for girls with long hair to give a ‘retro’ touch to your looks.

Hairstyles with hairstyles: the best trend looks

The coleteros are as beloved as they are hated, but the reality is that this season they return with great strength. The hair accessories are perfect to give a different air to your hairstyles and the blushes are the most comfortable accessories. The fashion and accessories firms have created very different and funky sequins with sequins, with embroidery of flowers, with pearls or with hair …

Once you have chosen your favorite pigtail, you will need a matching hairstyle to wear it. Then, you have the trendiest hairstyles to wear a cloth bag, do not miss it!

Hairstyle with flower coletero

This hairstyle is perfect for every day or for a day that you want to go more groomed. You just need to comb the hair with a low mole and look not very polished and add a hat with flowers in pastel colors. The line can be made to one side or in the middle of the head, it will depend on your tastes and your hair type. So that the low mole does not move much you must hook it with a thin rubber and some forks.

Hairstyle with polished low pigtail and pigtail

There are many types of pigtails and they are the ideal hairstyle to wear a coverall. If you have very straight hair, we propose a hairstyle with a low polished and smooth pigtail. To perform this hairstyle you must “stretch” all the hair back and make a low ponytail with a polished finish. Next, add a velvet fabric zipper to add a different touch to the look.

Half bun hairstyle with pigtail

hairstyles with coletero

A hyper comfortable hairstyle and it is the half bun. Whether you have long hair or half a hair, you can make a mole on the top of the head and the rest of the loose hair (as if it were a semirecogido). Add in the high mole a cloth roll to give a coquettish air to the hairstyle. This hairstyle is perfect for casual looks.

Eighties hairstyle with pigtail

This hairstyle is ideal for those girls looking for a retro and fun look. Take all the hair and make a pigtail on the top of the head and open it. It would also be interesting to add a little ponytail to give volume and finally, you must add a nice and resultón coletero. The hairstyle must have an air eighties to make it more cheerful and different. What do you think?

Nail Art Trends 2018: The best [PHOTOS]

Here you have the best trends in nail art for this year 2018. The simplest and minimal style nail art triumphs.

In recent years has taken a nail art quite exaggerated and striking, but this 2018 we are in luck that we prefer a more discreet nail art. For the new season, there are several trends that will make you fall in love. In addition, they are designs that you can surely do at home without much difficulty. At EllaHoy we have compiled the best nail art trends for 2018. Take note!

The best trends of Nail Art for 2018

As each season, new trends appear in the field of beauty. Today we will focus on the best nail art trends for 2018. The past few seasons have triumphed the decorated nails quite exaggerated and even extravagant, but this 2018 becomes the most minimalist and discreet nail art.

The nail art trends are created in the best fashion shows thanks to manicurists, fashion firms, makeup artists … Although, the best beauty bloggers or beauty instagramers also create a trend in the field of nail art. Next, you have the most cutting-edge nail art trends for 2018.

Nail Art Trends 2018: minimal nails

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The nail art trend of this 2018 is the minimalist style. The nails are decorated with simple designs and without many frills. The good thing about these nail art is that you almost must not use a product and with two enamels you can do real wonders. You can bet to make a geometric design, a simple point, a small drawing, a line … The premise of these nail art is: less is more.

Nail art trends: original French manicure

Another of the 2018 beauty trends in nail art is the original French manicure. For example a French manicure upside down, with metallic or striped tips in white. You can also combine different enamels to create a unique French manicure or replace the half moon with a triangle. The possibilities are many, so do not hesitate to experience everything you can.

Decorated nails 2018: nail art with applique, stickers …

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The decorated nails should always have a fantasy point. To achieve this fun and unique touch we advise you to use appliques, templates or stickers, that should be simple and in metallic tones. They take a lot of nail art with metallic stars. The nail goes in a clear or transparent shade and stickers or star-shaped appliques are applied on top. You can use the application you want and the result is divine.

Trends Nail Art 2018: golden nail art

One of the star tones to decorate your nails this 2018 is the golden color. Nail art with golden touches is perfect for any occasion. You can make a lot of designs with a gold metallic or gold glitter enamel, but the trendiest nail art is one that has a minimal design with golden lines or stripes. The enamel at the base of the nail can be light or dark, this will depend on your personal tastes.