How To Wear The Navy Style

What is the navy style?

To make a clear definition of what this style is, it is necessary to go back to history. Its origins date back to the mid-nineteenth century, with the coronation of Queen Victoria of England. Thus beginning the Victorian era.

Many experts claim that during the Victorian era the British Navy was founded (Royal Navy). The uniforms that distinguished the sailors, with some variations, of course, is what we know today as a navy style. So we can say that this shipping look, used by many people, has many years within society.

Although this trend became popular between 1930 and 1950, it was not until the 70s when most people, including haute couture designers, were encouraged to create pieces inspired by this style.

Nowadays, most fashion houses consider this type of dress a classic style. And that is why year after year they create collections inspired by this trend.

Being a very simple and fresh style lends itself to many confections of different types. It is necessary to note that there is a very thin line between the classic and the modern. And it is necessary to know how to identify which pieces correspond to each current and its uses.

Taking all these data into account, we can define the navy style as a trend that dates back to the middle of the 19th century. In which the colors and the way of wearing the nautical clothes stand out. Inspired always in the Royal Navy.

How to wear the navy style

The sailor look is easy to put together, with some basics you can get the right style for you. Next, we show you how you can combine the different garments to achieve a navy outfit. Continue reading and learn more about this trend.

Navy style basics

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There are some basic garments that are characteristic of the navy look. Some work for both men and women. In general, clothing in this style is comfortable and light. However, parts have been adapted to accompany people during the colder months.

  • Jersey and striped shirt.
  • T-shirt with baker’s collar
  • Linen pants.
  • Bermuda shorts and white shorts.
  • Navy blue cardigan.
  • Sailor blazer.
  • Sneakers.
  • Denim espadrilles.
  • Sailor’s beret.
  • Hats

As for the most popular colors in this type of styles, we can highlight the use of red, navy blue or white as main colors.

There are different ways to combine. From the simplest as Bermuda shorts and T-shirt to linen pants with a sweater.

Navy style for men

To combine navy style in men is not necessary much imagination or creativity. The simplicity of this style speaks for itself. You only have to consider the colors to use and the way to make a contrast between the garments. Both the most striking and the most neutral.

If you want to feel comfortable and cool all day, you can wear white shorts. Considering that the cut of this type of garments must be above the knee.

For the top, a striped shirt will make you look good and always in line with the style. The accessories or accessories must be of the same class. A good hat, espadrilles or sneakers will complete the outfit.

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However, if you want to look a little more serious or dress for special occasions but retaining the freshness of this style, you must take into account certain details. The place or time of the outing or event you will attend, for example. For the night, in places where the dress code is demanding, you can wear light-colored linen pants.

In the upper part, a man’s shirt with a baker’s collar will give you that subtlety while maintaining simplicity. Although in many cases it can be accompanied with another garment like a sweater. T-shirts will always be the best option for this look.

To complement this style, the running shoes are the best option. They provide the necessary comfort while making you look good. They are a very important element of the navy style and you should take it into consideration.

Navy style for women

For women, there are many ways to combine the garments characteristic of this style. The variety in women’s clothing is undoubtedly a great advantage. To have an ideal look for summer, analyze the time and place where you will wear your clothes.

If you go for a walk or simply to a place where the dress code is not a priority, you can play with the combinations. The use of skirts and shorts is quite common and you should not leave them aside.

A good way to combine is to wear a skirt or shorts, along with a striped shirt and a blazer. The skirt Only Laura blue is a good example of the clothes you can buy. These three simple pieces will make you look great and catch many looks.

Use accessories and accessories such as denim sandals with a hat. Another option is to use scarves with bright colors to highlight the style. Everything will depend on the tonalities you are using in your outfit.

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To look a bit more formal, but retaining the simplicity that characterizes the navy style, you can wear short dresses with few details. The colors have to be sober, the white and the navy blue go very well. A blazer as a compliment is one of the best options. For footwear, you must take into account the place where you will wear your clothes.

If you go to a place where the rules to dress are a little stricter you can use some simple heels. It’s all a matter of doing a little analysis before choosing clothes for special occasions.

To go to the beach or to enjoy the sun, it is best to wear bikinis. Always looking to combine the basic colors that identify this look. Navy style is one of the trends you’ll want to wear this summer.

Benefits of using navy style

Using the navy style has many advantages from different points of view. In which we can highlight the economic part of the comfort that this outfit offers. It is not necessary to do a very extensive investigation to know the benefits. Here we will name you some so that you can have a clearer notion:

  • It provides comfort. The navy style is characterized by being simple and light. That is why the comfort of the garments of this outfit is one of its main advantages. No matter what occasion you use it, this look is always identified with the basic garments and colors.
  • Save money. When you buy a navy style garment you will be saving money. This if you compare it with another type of more complex clothing like casual dresses or elegant clothes. Although the fashion houses always seek to give the touch of glamor to this type of garments, its simplicity does not allow to make so many modifications. This is summarized in low manufacturing costs and therefore low prices for the garments in the market.
  • It looks good. The navy style can be adapted to anyone regardless of age or sex. This is a point in favor with respect to other more contemporary styles. Although there are many variants in the market, all garments can be worn by most people.
  • Gets old. As we said, this style dates back to the 19th century and is still popular today. This means that even if the years go by, the trend will continue and the garments will not go out of style. This is easy to verify, it is only a matter of comparing a nautical shirt of the 60s and a current one. No matter how hard you try to find significant differences, there are few that you will find.

In summary

Colors and stripes are the characteristic elements of this style. You should avoid using strong or striking tones that do not go with the trend. It is important to emphasize that shoes should not be the most outstanding part of the outfit. On the contrary, the simpler the better. This will go unnoticed by letting the eyes focus on the top.

There are many variants, both for men and for women. You just have to pay attention to the garments that highlight your figure or that look good on your body. It is vitally important that this type of style is not improvised.

Tips To Update, Renew And Fix Clothes

Unless you’re an expert looking for deals or have a lot of money, renewing your wardrobe regularly can be expensive. That’s why we give you some tips to update, renew and fix the clothes. Keep reading and know more.

Do you get bored of the same clothes always?

Most of us get bored of always wearing the same clothes. We do not like to have to always wear the same clothes. This is the main reason why women spend money in stores.

We are always looking to improve our look and keep up with the latest trends. But, season after season we ended up spending a lot of money. In addition, seasonal changes also imply the need to have more pieces in the closet.

The reality is that it is easy to update and renew your old clothes . You just need to follow some of these tips and tricks that we will give you today. In addition, it is very important to have certain skills for crafts, imagination and perhaps see some ideas on the Internet.

Tips to update, renew and fix clothes

Follow these recommendations to make some improvements to your clothes and save money .

Quick fixes for your clothes

  • The sleeves of the jerseys tend to widen. To solve this, turn it inside out, using a blunt needle or a crochet hook, take the last thread, pull the hook to the back of the fabric. With a needle or fingers gently pull both sides of the thread until it is well distributed.
  • Small hollows in the jeans: carefully take the same color thread between the two sides of the hole and connect them.
  • Place the tip of your finger on the new cooked piece to flatten that part.
  • Water spots on the leather: spray on a mixture of cold water and vinegar and rub gently.
  • To keep the buttons well placed on your shirts, apply transparent nail polish on the button holes. This will block the seams and prevent them from coming out.
  • If the wire of the bra cup comes off, fix it quickly with moleskin tape or with an adhesive band.
  • The zipper of pants and jackets can easily get stuck. To solve this, take a graphite pencil and pass it through the teeth to “grease” them.
  • In the pants with drawstring at the waist, it may happen that this rope is going inward or that it comes out fully. Solve it by attaching a safety pin to one of the corners of the cord and tuck it into the waist of the pants, go moving it until it comes out the other end.

More solutions for small problems with your clothes

The hem of the fallen fada? It is not a problem, if you do not have a needle and threads at hand you can use clear adhesive tape to solve fast. You can cut a piece the size you need and place it between the two fabrics, then pass the iron and you’re done.

We all love to buy dark jeans, they are the most versatile, they serve for formal outings and also for wearing with a shirt. But, these little by little they are losing their original color, to avoid passing add ½ cup of distilled vinegar in the last washing cycle.

If you want to keep the pantyhose in good condition for longer, apply clear nail polish on the parts you see most out of date. You can also use hairspray, it has the same utility.

Cut the clothes

We all know that one solution for old and worn out jeans is to cut them. So you can turn them into other pieces like shorts or shorts. But, it is also an option for dresses, for example, a maxi dress can become a mini.

Likewise, an old shirt can turn it into a crop top. Or a shirt with button sleeves can be a sleeveless blouse for summer.

Do this if you are good with scissors and needles. This way you can save a lot of money and convert old parts into new ones.

Add details

Adding details can help you renew an old part. You can add ties, buttons, brightness and more, the options are endless. You can transform a pair of old shoes with some brightness or ties.

To an old simple shirt, you can add flowers, a logo or any printed element. Another option is to cut a figure on the back of the shirt and add another fabric, you can be a letter, a flower, whatever you want.

Unicolour shorts can be converted into stitches with a special fabric paint. It is very simple. It is also a good idea to add patches on the elbows of shirts, jackets and long-sleeved shirts, it’s easy and you’ll shine an old piece.

All you need will be a needle, paste, the details you want to add and some imagination.

Dye clothes

Dyeing an old piece is a good way to create a new piece. This is especially effective for clothes that have been stained or worn over time and that you like a lot.

dye clothes

Buy a dye in the store and carefully follow the instructions they bring. It is a good way to save your old or damaged clothes. You can dye the whole piece or a part of it and it will look much better and you will not have to buy new clothes.

Update and renew your shoes with these recommendations

The shoes suffer small damages in the day to day that you can solve with these tips.

  • Remove scratches on shoes, apply petroleum jelly with a cotton swab to remove those marks from leather shoes. If they are suede, use an eraser to remove those scratches.
  • If your suede shoe is dirty, carefully rub breadcrumbs over the dirt. For cloth, shoes apply a mixture of baking soda and detergent with a toothbrush and rub it.
  • If your shoes are tight and you plan to give them away for that, do not do it! Follow these tips: put on some thick socks and put on your shoes, then air it with a blow dryer; Another option is to place a bag of water at home shoe and put them in the freezer all night.
  • To clean the patent leather what you can do is apply a glass cleaner and rub gently. This will eliminate stains and restore the shine.

Change the shape of the clothes and renew it

You can take an old scarf and turn it into a loose, cool and comfortable blouse for the summer. Another option is to cut your old leggings by the crotch and you’ll have a crop top. On the contrary, you can take an old dress and cut it to be a vintage scarf.

Cut a maxi skirt to make a colorful summer dress. You can also cut a straight line on the back of an old shirt or sweater, then add Velcro on the neck and so you adapt to the trend of the bareback.

remove clothing stains

Cut the sleeves of a shirt, then take a strip of the fabric and go wrapping the back. So you’ll have a perfect sleeveless shirt to go to the gym.

Wear a dress shirt and put it on so that it looks like a sleeveless shirt. Then tie it to the waist like a crop top and go. You have a new style for that boring old shirt.

You can add a necklace to your shirts and they will look great and renewed. Another option is to add belts so that your dresses, cardigans, long shirts look much better.

How to remove stains from your clothes

It may be that by stains or minor damage you think you have to get rid of your clothes. But, if you follow these recommendations to eliminate the most common spots you will not have that problem:

  • Lip painting: remove excess paint with a knife, apply a few drops of acetone or an alcoholic beverage, rub with a soft brush, rinse with alcohol. Repeat until the stain is eliminated and let it dry. Finally, apply a mixture of diluted dishwashers and lavender in the washing machine.
  • Blood or eggs: Spray a diluted mixture of dishwasher soap and let it dry. Then rinse with warm water. Complete washing regularly in the washing machine.
  • Red wine: apply the same dishwashing mixture as mentioned above, rub with a soft brush. Rinse with water. You can also apply white vinegar, leave it for several minutes and rinse. Then wash the garment in the washing machine. For white wine use dishwasher and wash.
  • Fruit or vegetables: apply the formula with dishwasher in the stain. Remove the color with white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Then take the piece to the washing machine.
  • Coffee or tea: apply lemon juice or white vinegar to remove the stain. Treat with bleach if necessary and the fabric allows it. Finish the washing machine.
  • Mustard: remove the stain with vinegar. Wash with the dishwasher mix.
  • Grease or oil: cover the stain with baby powder, let it rest all night.
  • Tomato sauce or ketchup: remove the rest of the sauce, then apply the diluted soap and take the piece to the washing machine.

With these tips to update, renew and fix the clothes you can take your pieces for longer. Follow these recommendations and dress always in fashion. What other ways do you know about reusing clothes? Tell us

The most expensive and luxurious ‘Fantasy Bra’ by Victoria’s Secret over the years

The American lingerie firm makes an annual parade called ‘Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show’ one of the most anticipated by fans. Sapphires, diamonds, rubies, precious stones and millions of dollars make up each bodice, turned into pieces of ultra-luxury. A tour of the best

1997: Tyra Banks was the first African-American woman to wear the fantasy bra for the first time. They called it the “Diamond Dream Bra”. This support is made with 93 natural pearls and 100 diamonds around the edge of the cup. In the center, the chosen pendant is a broken diamond with 42 small pearls. Its value: USD 3,000,000

1997: Tyra Banks was the first African-American woman to wear the fantasy bra for the first time.  They called it the "Diamond Dream Bra".  This soutien is made with 93 natural pearls and 100 diamonds around the edge of the cup.  In the center, the chosen pendant is a broken diamond with 42 small pearls.  Its value: USD 3,000,000

2000: Gisele Bündchen, the Brazilian model, paraded for the first time the fantasy bra on the Victoria’s Secret catwalk. This was called “Red Hot Fantasy Bra”, made with more than 1,300 gems, 300 pieces of Thai rubies and that same year it entered the Guinness Record for being the most expensive piece of lingerie in the world. Its value was USD 15,000,000.

2000: Gisele Bündchen, the Brazilian model, paraded for the first time the fantasy bra on the Victoria's Secret catwalk.  This was called "Red Hot Fantasy Bra", made with more than 1,300 gems, 300 pieces of Thai rubies and that same year it entered the Guinness Record for being the most expensive piece of lingerie in the world.  Its value was USD 15,000,000.

2002: Karolina Kurkova, former Czech angel of Victoria’s Secret paraded the “Star of Victoria Fantasy Bra” made with more than 1,150 rubies and 1,600 emeralds embroidered on flowers in pink, red and green. Its value: USD 10,000,000.

2002: Karolina Kurkova, former Czech angel of Victoria's Secret paraded the "Star of Victoria Fantasy Bra" made with more than 1,150 rubies and 1,600 emeralds embroidered on flowers in pink, red and green.  Its value: USD 10,000,000.

2003: Icon of the catwalks, Heidi Klum took for the third time the fantasy bra of the firm called “Very Sexy Fantasy Bra”. More than 370 hours of work were needed to create this bodice. It has 70 pieces of diamonds in the center being the second longest in the world. Its value: USD 11,000,000.

2003: Icon of the catwalks, Heidi Klum took for the third time the fantasy bra of the firm called "Very Sexy Fantasy Bra".  More than 370 hours of work were needed to create this bodice.  It has 70 pieces of diamonds in the center being the second longest in the world.  Its value: USD 11,000,000.

2005: Again Gisele is chosen by the firm to wear the Fantasy Bra, the “Sexy Splendor Fantasy Bra”. Made with more than 2,900 pavé diamonds, 22 rubies and 101 pieces of 18-carat white gold diamonds. Its value: USD 12,500,000

2005: Again Gisele is chosen by the firm to wear the Fantasy Bra, the "Sexy Splendor Fantasy Bra".  Made with more than 2,900 pavé diamonds, 22 rubies and 101 pieces of 18 carat white gold diamonds.  Its value: USD 12,500,000

2008: Adriana Lima was chosen by the firm VS to wear the Fantasy Bra, called “Black Diamond Fantasy Bra”, was made on a black soutien with 117 diamonds and 34 rubies. Its value: USD 5,000,000

2008: Adriana Lima was chosen by the firm VS to wear the Fantasy Bra, called "Black Diamond Fantasy Bra", was made on a black soutien with 117 diamonds and 34 rubies.  Its value: USD 5,000,000

2010: Once again the chosen one was the Brazilian Adriana Lima. The “Bombshell Fantasy Bra” made with 3,000 brilliant white diamonds with a mix of celestial. This solution took more than 1500 hours of full-time work to finish in time for the show. Its value: USD 2,000,000

2010: Once again the chosen one was the Brazilian Adriana Lima.  The "Bombshell Fantasy Bra" made with 3,000 brilliant white diamonds with mix of celestial.  This soutien took more than 1500 hours of full time work to finish in time for the show.  Its value: USD 2,000,000

2011: The Australian model Miranda Kerr was chosen to wear the “Fantasy Treasure Bra”. It was made by 3,400 precious gems that included 142 pieces of white and yellow diamonds, pearls, and aquamarines, these gems were also made with 18 carats of white gold. Its value: USD 2,500,000

2011: The Australian model Miranda Kerr was chosen to wear the "Fantasy Treasure Bra".  It was made by 3,400 precious gems that included 142 pieces of white and yellow diamonds, pearls and aquamarines, these gems were also made with 18 carats of white gold.  Its value: USD 2,500,000

2012: Alessandra Ambrosio was chosen for the “Floral Fantasy Bra” of the VSFW of the year. Made in 5,200 precious gems including amethysts, sapphires, rubies, and pink, white and yellow diamonds of 18 carats. In addition to the soutien, he was accompanied by a belt valued at $ 500,000. The value of the bra: USD 2,500,000

2012: Alessandra Ambrosio was chosen for the "Floral Fantasy Bra" of the VSFW of the year.  Made in 5,200 precious gems including amethysts, sapphires, rubies, and pink, white and yellow diamonds of 18 carats.  In addition to the soutien, he was accompanied by a belt valued at $ 500,000.  The value of the bra: USD 2,500,000

2013: Candice Swanepoel shined on the catwalk with the “Royal Fantasy Bra and Belt”, handcrafted with 18-carat gold accompanied by 4,200 gems like rubies, blue and yellow sapphires and diamonds. The support had a large ruby in the center. Its value: USD 10,000,000

2013: Candice Swanepoel shined on the catwalk with the "Royal Fantasy Bra and Belt", handcrafted with 18 carat gold accompanied by 4,200 gems like rubies, blue and yellow sapphires and diamonds.  The soutien had a large ruby ​​in the center.  Its value: USD 10,000,000

2015: The Californian Lily Aldridge. His set called “Fireworks Fantasy Bra” was made of diamonds, a blue topaz and yellow sapphires on 18-carat gold. Its value was USD 2,000,000 and required 685 hours of work.

2015: The Californian Lily Aldridge.  His set called "Fireworks Fantasy Bra" was made of diamonds, a blue topaz and yellow sapphires on 18 carat gold.  Its value was USD 2,000,000 and required 685 hours of work.

2016: Jasmine Tookes was commissioned to wear the ‘Bright Night’ in the latest edition of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show composed of 9,000 precious stones, diamonds in 18-carat gold with more than 700 hours of work. Its value: USD 3,000,000

2016: Jasmine Tookes was commissioned to wear the 'Bright Night' in the latest edition of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show composed of 9,000 precious stones, diamonds in 18 carat gold with more than 700 hours of work.  Its value: USD 3,000,000

2017: Lais Ribeiro will be the model in charge of presenting on the catwalk in Shanghai on November 28 the “Champagne Nights Fantasy Bra” made of diamonds and yellow sapphires. Its value: USD 2,000,000

Rules Of Good Dress For A Job Interview

Follow these rules of good dress for a job interview, we want to advise you so that you have the appropriate look, depending on the position you aspire to. Keep reading and find out what you can use and what you should leave in the closet.

Prepare to impress in the interview

Job interviews are a formal occasion where the first impression is worth a lot. How you dress and your general appearance is part of a nonverbal language and influences the selection process. Dressing appropriately will tell the employer your professionalism and interest in the position.

Image result for Good Dress For A Job Interview

Not only do you have to worry about how to dress for a job interview, but also how you look. Here we present the basic rules you must follow, it does not matter if you are a man or a woman, it is recommended to follow them.

  • Follow basic hygiene rules or you will ruin the presentation to your potential employer. Take a bath before the interview, keep your hands clean. If you use perfume or any lotion that does not have a strong smell.
  • Women should wear makeup as natural as possible, nothing overloaded. The hairstyle for the interview should also be discreet. You can wear your hair loose or collected in a low bun.
  • In the case of men, it is preferable to go shave. If you choose to wear a beard or mustache, you have to be well groomed.
  • It is recommended to cover the tattoos. And if you have piercings on your face or ears, remove them to go to the interview.
  • Take care of the appearance of your hands. The nails should be clean. In the case of women, go as natural as possible.
  • If you want to paint them use a light color, do not use strong colors that distract the attention of the employer.

Rules of good dress for a job interview

You have been preparing for the job interview, but there is still a detail that you do not know how to solve: how to go dressed. Many people go through this doubt, especially if it is the first time they go to these types of appointments.

For that day your look should go according to the job you aspire to. Always giving preference to a classic style. Every detail of your appearance counts and the employer will look at them to see if you represent the image of the company. You will want that at the end of the interview they remember you for your abilities and not for going with an inappropriate look.

Hit with the look for a job interview following these rules. They will also serve you to set up the wardrobe for the office and to always be well dressed.

1. Find out the company’s dress code

Before going to the interview, study how the other employees of the company or the sector they belong to go to. It is common for each work site to have its own dress code, imitate it so as not to be out of tune. In fact, it is advisable to raise expectations a little, but without exaggerating.

If you know someone inside the company, ask them how employees usually dress. You can also check with the person who arranged the interview. Another way to find out is to approach the company and see for yourself. If you opt for this last option go between Monday and Thursday, on Fridays some employers give the freedom to go more casual.

2. Opt for a classic and discreet style

You must convey a clean and professional image. The safest way to do it is to wear a classic and discreet style. Avoid colors or garments very striking.

The person doing the interview will look at you as a whole. If you want to be attentive to your answers do not distract him with an inappropriate image. Otherwise, he will remind you of the less appropriate reasons.

3. Wear clothes that you are comfortable with

When you think about going to a job interview, you may come to mind uncomfortable suits that have nothing to do with your style. This does not have to be this way, you can reflect your way of being on clothes, without being too strident.

The objective that you have ahead is to transmit professionalism and for this you must be comfortable in your clothes. Wear clothes that are your size, that fit well. In the case of women who are not too close or show much skin.

Image result for Good Dress For A Job Interview

The pants must be of the appropriate length, that they do not drag on the floor. The sleeves of the jackets also have to have the correct length. Clothing of the right size will make you feel more secure before and during the interview.

4. Choose the appropriate colors

For this situation, neutral colors such as gray, navy blue and black are recommended for suits. The shirt in a lighter color like white or light blue. Women have more freedom with the background tone but try not to use a very striking color.

You can investigate a bit about what the tones of the clothing convey to choose the appropriate colors for the interview. The navy blue reflects integrity and professionalism. Black too, but do not use it excessively, combine it with contrasting garments.

Yellow transmits energy, creativity, and joy; red is dominant and orange is synonymous with an extroverted personality. These tones can be used sparingly, in some accessory or complement. Do not give them much prominence.

5. Get dressed according to the type of work

It must be clear that not all jobs are the same. Those that are made in a traditional office require a more formal look. These are related to the sector of finance, business, among others.

For these cases, men should wear a two-piece suit, long-sleeved shirt, tie and formal shoes. Women also with pantsuit or skirt, or if they prefer a conservative dress and closed shoes.

Other jobs are developed in a more casual environment. You want to know then how to dress for an informal job interview . Men can wear dark-colored trousers or jeans, long-sleeved shirt, sweater or sports jacket. In the case of women, they can also wear jeans in dark colors, with shirt or blouse long sleeve or French. You should not go with a tank top to a job interview.

Men: the two-piece suit does not fail

Let’s see in more detail what to wear and what you should avoid if you are a man or a woman. Let’s start with male fashion for the office.

You can not look bad before your employer if you choose a two-piece suit. The best color options are navy blue and dark gray. Say no to light blue in the suit. Even the light gray, although it is more serious, looks boring and may not make you stand out enough.

The color of the suit jacket and pants must match. Wearing a white dress shirt is a safe alternative, so is light blue. Whether it is a plain color or a discreet print. Fashion dress shirts leave them for another occasion, not for work.

Use quality ties, which combine with the rest of the clothes. That they are discreet and do not have cartoons or similar drawings. The socks should be dark and the formal shoes. The belt must match with the footwear. Limit accessories to a watch and a ring.

Women: Wear a simple and professional style

As with men, a two-piece formal suit is always a hit. In this case, they have the freedom to choose between one of pants or skirt. If you choose a skirt, it must be long enough to cover the thighs when you are sitting. No wearing miniskirts for an interview and you should also avoid them if you get the job.

As for colors, you can follow the same recommendations as men, adding black. This you can soften with the color of the shirt or sweater.

Under the jacket is a well-fitted shirt, without transparencies or deep necklines. You can also add a vest.

If you decide to wear a dress or skirt you should wear socks in a neutral color. The shoes preferably with medium or high heels, unless some condition prevents you. And they must match the color of the suit or dress. Do not use platforms or stilettos for a job interview.

Limit the number of accessories you use and the ones you use should be discreet. A pair of tendrils, a necklace, and a bracelet is enough. Avoid accessories that are very large and flashy. You should also choose carefully between handbags and purses. Following the previous advice, neither should be very large and ostentatious. The size should be enough to carry the curriculum without bending it.

Follow these tips and you will know how to go well dressed for a job interview. Remember to find out about the company’s culture before selecting the appropriate attire and add some detail that represents your style. Tell us your opinion about these rules of good dress for a job interview. If you have any advice to add, do not hesitate to leave it in the comments.

Rainwear: The must haves you can not give up

We show you the best fashion clothes for you to set trends during the rainy days.

You can not give up the must-haves for the rain this season. The rain, either in autumn or spring, makes us wonder what to wear so as not to be constipated the next day. Well, very simple, with the ideas we propose, besides protecting you from the rain you can set a trend thanks to its fashion style this season, and the best part is that you will do it for affordable prices for any pocket. You will not regret.

What to wear on rainy days

The gray days to which a blanket of water is added provokes a sensation of chill that runs down our backs and all we want is to go back to bed so we do not have to go out on the street.

If you feel identified with this, you are in luck, since we are going to propose you a few ideas so that suddenly you even want to sing in the rain, thanks to the new clothes that the low-cost stores have prepared for this season.

Image result for Rainwear: The must haves you can not give up

Raincoats and parkas

They are undoubtedly the star garment of the rainy days, you will also have the opportunity for everyone to stare at you with models like the animal print of Topshop, one of the must-haves of the season.

The graduation with moles of Pull & Bear, the floral print of Cath Kidston or the white with the hood of Quechua, all of them irresistible.

On the other hand is the Neoprene fabric. It is undoubtedly the right piece to not get wet, this season comes in all its variations, with jackets like the breathable fuchsia of Oysho or the Topshop model in black, in dresses like the Mix of Pull & Bear, in skirts like the midi of Topshop.

Boots and water boots

If what you’re looking for is footwear to avoid getting your feet wet with puddles, choose models like the Martens, the bright blue boots by Melissa, in Black & White tones by Topshop, or the mixed neoprene and patent leather, which are inside of the complete collection of Zara this season.

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The umbrellas

Undoubtedly the star complement to not spoil the hairstyle is the umbrella, but if the ones you already have do not end up convincing you, try with the model of moles of Cath Kidston, the heart print of Suiteblanco or the cat’s eye of Topshop

Here you can see the best models for trend umbrellas.

Do not cut and choose your clothes and perfect accessories, you will make a difference in the rain.

Beauty looks that enhance your natural hair

Natural hair does not have to be boring. We show you the best beauty looks to enhance and make the most of the possibilities of your natural hair.

You like your natural color, you usually flee from the very elaborate hairstyles and your natural hair is as you like it. Perfect! There are many things you can do to enhance it and get unique beauty looks with a lot of personalities. Today we tell you the tricks to get your beauty look to enhance your natural hair. Also, do not miss the photo gallery where you will see many good examples.

Hair care is essential

It is clear that any hair looks better if it has brightness and brightness, but if you have decided to wear it naturally, the best way to enhance it is to be well taken care of. If you have straight hair you must take care that your hair does not break and the tips are nourished. If your hair is curly or afro, nutrition is essential to make it look thick, compact and dynamic and not have the dreaded scouring effect.

Spend a little time on your hair: use shampoos without sulfates, special oils after showering (such as argan oil or almond oil, which allows you to keep it hydrated) and a hair mask at least once a week. Remember that depending on whether you have oily or dry hair you will need different care.

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Natural hair: with or without dyes

Bringing hair to natural style does not mean it is your natural color. What is usually more common is to take a natural base and offer a bit of light with some color technique, such as the foliage that is the latest trend in natural colors, gloss smudging to offer natural shine or some types of wicks already known, like the balayage, the layage or the California wicks that can be done with a very natural look.

Hairstyles that enhance natural hair

You can use different hairstyles to enhance a look of beauty with natural hair, mainly hairstyles that bring dynamism, volume and three-dimensionality to your natural hair color.

Hairstyles with braids are still a trend, both for curly and smooth hair and help create three-dimensional sensations and shapes in natural hair. Also, the semi-collects are good options for casual days or go to work, they are simple with a sophisticated point and are perfect to enhance natural hair.

Accessories to enhance natural hair

Another option that can help you make your beauty look enhance your natural hair color is the accessories. From a few maxi earrings that make your hairstyle look very chic to the use of scarves and hats in the hair. In fact, hairstyles with handkerchiefs are the latest trend in hairstyles.

And for this summer, do not forget to wear a wide-brimmed hat with natural loose hair, which will help protect you from the sun’s rays while achieving a very chic look.

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Make-up for your beauty look to enhance natural hair

Of course, makeup can help your natural hair look much more favored. The options we recommend are three:

  • Nude or natural makeup: a good nude makeup or a minimal makeup with some illuminator that highlights your natural features but allows your natural hair to be the protagonist.
  • Red lips: your must for special occasions, red lips bring a modern and powerful touch to any woman who likes to wear natural hair. Without complex!
  • False eyelashes: focus your attention on your eyes with a makeup with false eyelashes. It will help to give a very chic touch to your beauty look with natural hair.

Do not forget to check the photo gallery to see how to enhance natural hair with all these tips we have given you. We hope you like our proposals.

Korean Cosmetics: Fabric masks for hair are a trend

TheKorean cosmetics offers us a series of very interesting new products, the fabric masks for the hair are a trend and they provide incredible results.

The masks of fabric for hair are a trend of Korean cosmetics that deserves special attention. We all dream of that perfect mane without open ends and that shine with every ray of sun. Now it seems that this ideal is not so far from becoming a reality, repair damaged hair, protect it from external aggressions and nourish it in an incredible way is possible thanks to Korean cosmetics. We analyze step by step what are your main points in favor.

Fabric masks for hair: Trend

The trend of cloth masks for hair is a very established reality in Korea, its place of origin. There they have developed the perfect system to make their products work much better. With the help of a system based on what might look like a conventional shower cap, incredible results are achieved. This product concentrates most of the benefits for the scalp and is applied effectively. The camouflage mask of Kocostar and Resken are the first to make the jump to the West.

Kocostar: A very effective cloth mask

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The Kocostar cloth mask with its camouflage look has been one of the first to reach our hands. For sale in Sephora promises very good results. This Korean cosmetic product allows applying an effective repair treatment easily and quickly in our own home. You only need a few minutes and know their properties well.

Kokostar is a daily beauty product a mask that provides a very generous amount of protein to maintain the natural hair structure. It adheres to the cuticle and forms a natural protection film to keep it healthy for a longer time. The active ingredients of this mask hydrate in depth and rebalance the PH greatly, giving what is necessary to get always in top form.

Application of the cloth mask

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  • The first step towards this incredible beauty treatment is to clean the hair well. With our usual shampoo, we will wash the hair and leave it clean. You can use micellar water is a trend that helps eliminate any impurities.
  • Once the hair is ready we put the hat on the hair and seal it well. It is important that air does not enter, because in this way much more effective results are achieved.
  • To help the Korean mask to do its job we can give a light massage. The nutrients will adhere better to the scalp, in addition, we will relax the area so that it is easier to fulfill the mission of the product.
  • We will let it act for about 20 minutes and we will start to rinse the hair with a little warm water. We will have the hair ready for any action and we will also achieve an incredible result in our own home.

If you want to try more Korean products, try these facial masks that imitate fruits or the best Korean BB Cream.

How to use hair headbands and scarves with style

It’s time to give a different touch to your look, with diadems and scarves for hair will get an irresistible style.

We show you how to wear diadems and scarves in your hair with style, a small detail that changes everything. In the latest fashion catwalks, hair accessories represented the freshest part of the looks of the season. Different fashion companies have opted to introduce headbands, bands, and handkerchiefs in their fashion collections. There is a wide variety of styles: multicolored scarves, crochet bands, knot or jewel diadems … The hair accessories (according to their style and shape) are perfect for every day or for a special occasion, they will also give your final styling a different and unique touch.

How to show headbands and handkerchiefs

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There are a lot of accessories that help you complete your look: bags, jewelry, shoes, etc. It is also important to coordinate hair accessories with your outfit. For the new season, there are many interesting proposals to give a different look to your hairstyle.

Turbans, for example, are a very fashionable and chic accessory. Firms such as Missoni Mare introduce it in their new collection with multicolored and knitted models; Zara bets on turbans with abstract drawings and bright colors. They are perfect pieces for an informal look, but if you go to a party choose a model with glitter or with a different ornament, such as a brooch or a pen.

There are hairstyles that require a specific type of accessory. The most festive, collected or semi-combed hairstyles can be decorated with a beautiful jewel headband. Dolce & Gabbana creates wide diadems, adorned with gold metal inserts, large crystals, and flowers. The baroque style typical of the brand is seen even in its hair accessories. There are also diadems embellished with flowers and fruits.

In Givenchy also bet on creating a headband with large metallic applications, but with a more modern style. While in Gucci they prefer to create much more romantic accessories in pastel colors, for example, a floral headband that is tied at the back of the neck and leaves the loose ribbons behind.

Headbands and handkerchiefs are fashionable

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The handkerchiefs or scarves are a very cool accessory to wear in summer. Here are 10 alternative ways to wear silk scarves in style. You can wear them as a turban, as a headband, tied with a knot at the top … There are many possibilities, that does choose scarves with lots of colors and cheerful prints.

In Asos, we find excellent proposals, both handkerchiefs, and different accessories for hair. The pastel colors and the romantic style are the main protagonists. If you want to show off more discreet accessories, try to make a low ponytail and tie some ribbons around as they propose from Dior.

Take a look at our photo gallery to see the most interesting models and to discover how to get the most out of the fashion accessory from the street style hand.

How hair changes with age

The passage of time makes the skin and body age, but also the hair. Discover how the hair changes with age.

With the passage of time, skin and body age, but also hair. These changes are usually subject to many individual factors, but as a rule, it depends on the genes of each person, their lifestyle and the hair care that has been done over the years. The most visible changes in the hair as it gets older are the color, thickness, and strength of the hair. This process is inevitable, but it will always be good to know how the hair changes with age.

The changes that occur in the hair with age

There are physiological processes that are inevitable with the passage of time and age. Exactly as it happens with the skin, hair undergoes gradual changes over time… In any case, each person is a world and there are some that age before and others later depending on several factors such as genes or lifestyle. Below, we tell you what are the most obvious changes that occur in the hair with age.

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Changes in hair color

One of the most obvious changes that occur with age is the change of color and the appearance of gray hair. The hair color is due to a pigment called melanin and that produce the hair follicles. Over the years, the hair follicles produce less melanin and that causes the hair to turn white or the first gray hairs appear. Gray hair usually appears after 30 years of age and the hair begins to gray in the temples and is spread on the top of the scalp.

If you want more information about the first gray hairs, here we tell you the things you should not do when they appear. Over the years the hair becomes increasingly clear and finally white or gray. Body and facial hair also turn gray, but it usually takes longer than the scalp. It is inevitable that the hair becomes white or gray, the most effective solution is to tint it or leave the hair as it is.

Changes in hair thickness

Another change that can be seen with age is the thickness of the hair. The hair has a life that lasts between 2 and 6 years during which it reaches a normal thickness. This hair falls and is replaced by a new one. Over the years, the natural tendency is that the hair is losing thickness. The amount of hair on the body and head is determined by the genes. With age, all people experience some hair loss and see how hair growth decreases.

The hair fibers become smaller, thinner and have less pigment. Therefore, the hair, over time, becomes thinner, thinner and lighter in color. In addition, many hair follicles stop creating new hair.

Hair loss

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Over the years, women can develop female baldness (although sometimes hair loss has nothing to do with age). The hair becomes less dense and the hair follicles are not replaced so easily. I recommend you check with your doctor if you see that you lose a lot of hair. In addition, here you have the best hairstyles to disguise female baldness.

Changes in texture and volume

When losing the thick hair it also loses volume and body. The loss of proteins not only affects the color of the hair but also its robustness. The decrease in keratin protein levels makes the hair weaker and less elastic, which means a greater ease of breakage when combing. Even the texture of the hair changes with age. The hair can become smoother or more curly. Even a curly hair can become smooth and a wavy straight hair. In addition, gray hair is usually rougher to the touch than those with melanin.

Opacity and dryness in the hair

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Unfortunately, hair aging also brings opacity and dryness. The hair may look or be drier and dull, this is a consequence of thinning and thinning hair. So that the hair is not so dry and with lack of shine, I advise you to avoid heat tools such as the dryer and the iron. It is also essential to use moisturizing hair products.

Now that you know how age affects hair, I recommend you take a look at haircuts by age. A good haircut can help you disguise hair aging. You may also be interested: Gray hair: How to wear hair with gray hair and Top products to prevent hair loss.

Homemade beauty remedies step by step

Home beauty remedies can help you improve your appearance, without damaging your body or the environment as they are produced with natural elements. We tell you here how you can take advantage of what nature gives us for your beauty.

Nature puts at our disposal all the ingredients we need to be beautiful. Here you will find many homemade beauty remedies explained step by step, transmitted from generation to generation, that can help you improve the less strong points for yourself. Thus, you will feel more secure and above all, you will get to see yourself well without spending a lot of money since you will only use natural elements.

Look at the list of beauty tutorials that we present here and put into practice those that serve you.

Tutorials of beauty home remedies

The famous DIY (do it yourself = do it yourself) is in fashion and we know why: because we love making our own beautiful home remedies. We love knowing how with a few natural ingredients, we can create moisturizers, masks, shampoo, serum, soaps, tonics and much more. Besides being very funny

DIY for face

DIY for your face

  • Tea tree oil mask: The oil of the tea tree is a powerful natural antiseptic that can have many uses; One of the most recommended is the tea tree facial mask. In this post we give you the detailed recipe for you to do at home, you will see that it is very easy and that really is super effective to combat the classic problems of oily skin and have a tendency to develop acne or pimples difficult to remove.
  • Attenuate freckles and sun spots: Sunbathing without protection can be a danger, not only aesthetically but also for health. Sometimes, when we do not protect ourselves well from the sun, we get freckles and spots that can be unsightly. For this, nature is our best ally and here we explain why. We give you the recipe so you can attenuate those spots caused by the sun easily and without spending a lot of money.
  • Home moisturizing cream: Every month the same thing: going to buy the moisturizing cream becomes an obligation that we can not avoid fulfilling because it is at the base of personal care. However, believe it or not, all the money you spend on creams can save you if you know how and where we explain exactly how.
  • Homemade pumpkin mask: Pumpkins are not just to feed us or to decorate the house on Halloween. Actually, they have excellent properties when applied directly to the skin. We explain how you can make a homemade pumpkin mask quickly and without having to be an expert in natural cosmetics.
  • Homemade Vitamin C Serum: The magic of vitamin C in your skin comes from the ascorbic acid that increases the synthesis of collagen, which keeps you bright and fights the signs of aging effectively. To create your own vitamin C serum, you do not need to have any knowledge of chemistry or anything special. We tell you here how to make the homemade serum and how to apply it later.
  • Homemade lip scrub: The lips are usually dry, especially in winter and this generates the release of the famous “skin” or peeling skin, something that is also common in pregnant women. To prevent this from happening, we show you how to make your homemade lip scrub, in the quickest and easiest way to preserve it.
  • How to make a tonic for oily skin: oily skin can give many problems, such as pimples, pimples, difficulty in summer and make-up that runs, etc. Those who suffer from oily skin know that the tonic is a basic that fixes our lives a lot and here we show you how to make a perfect homemade tonic for oily skin.

Homemade makeup: Best DIY recipes

Natural makeup

  • Homemade translucent powder: In summer, to avoid having too shiny skin, or simply if your skin has a tendency to be greasy and shine more than you would like, translucent powders help a lot. Now, if you want to use natural and chemical free products, take note of this recipe of homemade translucent powders. Easy peasy!
  • Home Eyeliner: Do you believe us if we tell you that with only two ingredients that you already have at home you can create a homemade gel eyeliner that works very well? We explain everything here, it’s simpler than you imagine.
  • Natural make-up remover: The makeup removers we buy in stores have chemical elements that can be harmful to our skin and … especially for those who use makeup almost daily, this is not good news. That’s why we tell you here how you can make a natural makeup remover that you can use every day without any fear. See the detailed recipe here.

DIY for your body

  • Homemade glycerin soap: People who have sensitive skin tend to always look for less irritating soaps for the skin. Glycerin soap is usually the most requested for this reason, in fact, there are people who use it even for genital cleansing. The problem is that sometimes, these soaps are a bit expensive. Here we show you how to prepare your own glycerin soap at home, in the easiest and cheapest way.
  • Body moisturizer pill tutorial: There are not soaps, but neither are creams. They are pills that serve to nourish and regenerate the skin naturally. To make it you only need some oils and beeswax, which will help keep the skin of your entire body healthy and young. Here we explain step by step how to make the body moisturizer.
  • Homebody scrub: Exfoliating our skin from time to time is a must. Every day we are in contact with thousands of bacteria and even more if we live in the city, where pollution damages us inside and out. Luckily, in nature, it is easy to find the necessary ingredients to create a homemade body scrub. Here we show you how to do it in some simple steps.
  • How to make rose water: Rose water is a natural tonic that delays the appearance of wrinkles, so we recommend you try it. Doing it at home is very simple, in fact, you will only need rose petals and distilled water to achieve it and its aroma will last for a long time. Take note of the complete recipe that we explain here in detail.

DIY for your hair

natural remedies for hair

  • Homemade shampoo: Each mane has its own needs. To help you have a Pantene hair without having to buy Pantene shampoo (or any other brand) we recommend you read this post, where we show you how to make homemade shampoo.