Lace, silk, plumetí and cotton, models and genres for all tastes and sizes. Lingerie designers anticipate trends for the upcoming season

The sets of underwear, for more than many times are not in sight, are some of the sexiest and most sensual garments. Season after season, brands and exclusive lingerie designers present collections with different patterns, colors, genres and cups for all types of body and preferences.

Bralette, push up, triangle or rim are the models of bustiers most requested by women when buying lingerie. Designs with lace, silk, satin, transparencies or cotton complete the favorite of women when choosing a bustier.

The designers Jesús Fernández, Ana Paula Borbolla of Daughters of Mary and Mariana Ali pointed out the new trends that are present this summer 2019.

Black, triangular, top, and with wide straps, ideal for the night.  Lace and cotton (Instagram: Daughters of Mary)

“We have incorporated the metallics for this summer, each time this trend is stronger and that is why we are betting on vibrant and cheerful colors, and we believe that the concept of how a garment of the first skin comes to light is getting stronger,” he said. her season Ana Paula Borbolla.

At the same time, the story of Borbolla is very interesting. In addition to making traditional bodices, she creates pieces whose particularity is that they are suitable for those women who, having suffered from breast cancer, had to undergo a mastectomy.

“The designs of this 2019 season include lace and lace so that everything is seen, the bracelets made in satin and the combination of colors that contrasts each other and bright so that in the summer the underwear is the protagonist of the wardrobe”, detailed the designer

For Jesús Fernández, underwear is very important and when choosing a set should take into account the gender, the quality of the set and especially the good fit. The designer stands out in each season to have in her collections lines that highlight the sensuality and the sexy side of the woman for a special night. For this summer 2019 divided the collection into sets of day and sets of night.

“For the night, a set made of plumetí, lace or lace is ideal, the black colors with embroidered appliqués and the combination with gold are my chosen ones: Bodies, bodices with or without ring, corset, triangle or bralette”.

Fernandez shared that all the models of bombachas as colaless, thongs, culotte, vedetina are up to size 5 so that all women can have a set of sexy underwear. In turn, it has the curvilinear line for plus size in the same models and colors.

Lace, with ring but without push up, an ideal option for those who have a lot of bust and do not want to increase it (Instagram)

For sets of day, the designer remarked that the best thing about summer is to choose a top garment-shirts, mole shirts-that is translucent to wear underwear. “Clear genres, flowered with pastel colors, superpositions of genres such as satin, plumetí, gipiur, lace or tulle with finite and striking straps”.

Mariana Ali dedicates this new season to a multifaceted woman, entrepreneur, athlete, mother and friend who enjoys looking glamorous and sexy.

“A classic is the push up for a feminine and natural look, with neutral colors and exquisite lace embroidery on the cups of the bodice, for a more sensual look, the semi-transparent black lace with floral embroidery is a must,” he concluded.