“There are beauty brands that are specialists in showing diversity. Inclusive and ready to become part of your essentials.”

Beauty is a concept that has varied over the centuries. There are some canons that have endured and are maintained. More and more brands and advertised campaigns appear to promote diversity and inclusiveness. Its function, in addition to achieving extraordinary products, is to create a social conscience. Beauty has no name and surname, it is a concept that varies and adapts to each type of woman. There is a long list of inclusive brands that are worth having on the wish list.

Beauty brands inclusive of makeup

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The Fenty Beauty line is promoted by Rihanna and is one of the most groundbreaking. The main reason is for their equal treatment between women and men. Beauty is not only a matter of women, men are also increasingly taking care of themselves, there is a long history of male makeup that corroborates it. Women of dark or white skin, more than 40 shades demonstrate the great variety of people included in this brand.

Milk Make Up

This specialized makeup brand with products with roll-on has some ads that are totally groundbreaking. Gender freedom is one of the great taboos that falls thanks to inclusive brands like this one. All kinds of people no matter what they are or what they want to have a place among a very large variety of products.

Wet N’Wild

Wet N’Wild is a brand of low-cost beauty that has become the first to have a protagonist in a makeup campaign an albino model. Diandra Forrest is in charge of showing her face and a type of unconventional beauty. In diversity is the success of these products.

Cover FX

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In the type of personalized makeup of the brand Cover FX is the basis of one of the large inclusive companies in the beauty sector. It has among its flagship products a nuancer to analyze its exact skin tone and find the perfect base. Demonstrating in this way diversity in something as personal as the skin.


Sahi has been one of the beauty brands pioneers in testing their products in all skin types. It has a wide range of makeups that change depending on your client. You can choose the one that best suits your skin type because in the world there are several tonalities.

Beauty brands that love diversity for your nails

Orly has gone a step further to incorporate diversity into their nail polish. This beauty brand has partnered with the Muslim Girl website to launch its latest nail collection, certified halal and perfect for water. It is the first time that a beauty product has been incorporated into a religious group.


All body types and have passed through the advertising campaigns of this brand. Glossier offers us a world of diversity, the measures 90-60-90 are not the only thing you see. In 2017 they launched their perfume and their new products for the beauty of a diverse and always beautiful body.

The diversity in hair

Beauty products for hair can also be inclusive. A range of specific products for curly and afro hair, not only to hydrate, one of the great stigmas of this hair but also for its integral care is the letter of presentation of this brand. The tips for a good curly hair care also happen to use the products of this brand.