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Beauty brands that are inclusive and love diversity

“There are beauty brands that are specialists in showing diversity. Inclusive and ready to become part of your essentials.” Beauty is a concept that has varied over the centuries. There are some canons that have endured and are maintained. More and more brands and advertised campaigns appear to promote diversity and inclusiveness. Its function, in […]


Outfits with sneakers: Best ideas to copy

The shoes have become a must in any wardrobe. The looks with sneakers are ideal for everyday outfits, and the reality is that they can be worn to go to the office. The key is to choose well the clothes and shoes that you feel comfortable with. In EllaHoy we have compiled the best looks […]


Hairstyles with cloth straps that are trend

Discover the best hairstyles with fabric straps to look this season and give a different touch to your look The coleteros are a trend this season. In addition, they were very fashionable in the 80s and 90s; surely as a girl or teenagers, you used them. The fabric nets are reinvented and come with more […]


Nail Art Trends 2018: The best [PHOTOS]

Here you have the best trends in nail art for this year 2018. The simplest and minimal style nail art triumphs. In recent years has taken a nail art quite exaggerated and striking, but this 2018 we are in luck that we prefer a more discreet nail art. For the new season, there are several […]